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Football – we’ve all been there, sitting at the game, match, at home or in the pub, watching intently as our favourite team or any other teams battle it out for supremacy on a Saturday afternoon. 22 players, up for the battle, controlled by one referee in the middle – albeit with the help of all their assistants. That one ref though, the one we all love to hate. They seemingly run aimlessly, or so we choose to believe, back and forth from half to half, sideline to sideline, making decisions that very few of us will ever agree with.

Then, when all’s said and done, that very same referee with his two assistants by his side and the fourth official now very visible, joining them for a final hand shake in the center of the pitch, just walk away into the sunset, unable and appearing to be unwilling to speak about anything that’s gone on in those previous 90 minutes of battle leaving the fans – and often the players and managers – clueless as to why they made those decisions, why they raised their yellow or red cards, why they gave that penalty, why there was only 4 minutes of added time. The fans know better. Fans have always known better and we’ve always been shunned by officialdom when it comes to knowing better.

Well, this is our time!

Judge the Ref, the only site on the internet to let you voice your opinion about every decision at every game, immediately as it happens and with complete clarity., We allow everyone at the same game to debate, cajole and judge which decision the ref made was right or was wrong.

The debate starts here.

Referees need to become accountable and, the real fans, can make that happen. Never mind VAR, never mind instant replay, never mind the pundits. It’s the rulings that happen on the pitch that count. Vote with your fingers. Type in your comments to be seen by millions of other fans who also want to state their opinion. We all have one, so let it be heard. Judge the Ref and Judge him today.

  • Referee attack – Three players given 40-year bans for assaulting a Ref 23 Nov 18

    Referee attack – Three players given 40-year bans for assaulting a Ref

    This is why we at Judge the Ref believe our work is so important.

    All credit to the BBC for the article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46318558

  • Boring Boring Arsenal 20 Nov 18

    Boring Boring Arsenal – a Game of Time Wasting

    It’s the FA cup quarter finals, replays are now a thing of the past, and so is extra time. Arsenal and playing Tottenham at the Emirates, and Arsenal have had a man sent off and are clinging to a 0 – 0 draw with 15 minutes to go, knowing that if they hang on they will be able to take their chance with penalty kicks. The crowd, certainly the Spurs end, are booing like mad dogs every time Arsenal waste time kicking the ball back and forth to the keeper, or taking an eternity at throw-ins, goal kicks and free kicks. It’s madness and bedlam at both ends of the stadium. One end are egging their team on to waste more time, the other are pleading with the Ref to do something to make the game flow. Penalties, even though they might seem a lottery, are Arsenals only chance to redeem something from this game because they know that if they try to move the ball up the pitch, 11-man Spurs will just counter attack and destroy them, easily scoring and therefore progressing to the semifinals.

    How often have we witnessed such an event? How many times have we witnessed teams play for the draw, by parking the bus, wasting time or using other game spoiling tactics just to get to the lottery that is penalty kicks? It happens all the time, it’s been happening for years and it’s about time this practice stopped. FIFA have to re think their penalty kick system, and I think I may have a solution.

    The game, a first-round cup game, the final of the world cup, no matter what it is, needs a solution that will make the teams who are competing, come out and play. There needs to be zero tolerance towards negative tactics, even though I admit, they are part and parcel of football. What would make a game entertaining and impossible to leave, other than penalties right at the end? Penalty kicks at the beginning!

    This is how it would work. The ref would lead both teams out 15 minutes before kick off. The penalty kicks would take place, the winning team would then kick off. The losing team would know that they would have to go out and win the game, it’s a must win situation, because they lost on PK’s and would have to beat the team they are playing to advance. The team who won the PK’s cannot sit back and soak up pressure or ‘park the bus’ because they would know that if the other team score, they would be out. Simple and easy, and a great ‘fix’ for what has become predictable and boring, not the shoot-out itself, but the lead up to the shoot-out. FIFA take note, and do yourselves a favor and change the rules. Bring the excitement to the front of the game and then into the game itself and not to the end when everyone is exhausted and mentally spent. Let’s enjoy the football the way it was meant to be enjoyed and not that nail biting ending where the team who played like crap wins on a lottery!

  • Why Don’t They Act 19 Nov 18

    Why Don’t They Act

    Ever been to a game where your team is one goal down or tied and there’s only 5 minutes or less left to play, plus stoppage time and the other team make a substitution bringing off a player who has knowingly made his way to the furthers corner of the pitch knowing full well he’s about to come off? Of course you have, we all have! So frustrating. The player coming off takes forever to trot to the touchline where his team mate is ready and waiting and applauding, desperate to get on, or not, as the case might be, while the player exiting the field is doing a lap of honor in front of his own support, your teams support, shaking hands with everyone, including the ref and then eventually getting to the other side of the pitch and hugging the substitute, his manager and anyone else he can lay his grubby hands on. All of the above knocking at least 2 to 3 minutes off the game clock, a nightmare if you’re team need a goal to secure a point or all 3 points.

    Well, all you ref’s out there, this is, in my opinion how you put a stop to that behavior. You never seem to add on enough time to cover the shenanigans of the man coming off the field. You always point to your watch intimating that time will be added, but it’s never enough, never! The 2 to 3 minutes end up being 30 t0 40 seconds in your book, so why do you shy ways from adding all the time he wasted? One will never know. Any player in his right mind, and if the result is at that time going in his teams favor, will take as much time as he needs to get off the pitch, because frankly he knows that he won’t be punished. But, my friends, this is how we change the rules to stop this nonsense ever happening again. Referee’s listen up, and take note. If the player leaving the field takes more than 20 seconds to get off, you, the ref, yellow card the player coming on. That way the player coming on will be on a booking before he’s even kicked a ball, all at the expense of the player coming off. I am positive if this rule was introduced, the player coming off would not want to upset his teammate by getting him booked, and he would run at Usain Bolt speed to clear the pitch in order that his teammate doesn’t fall out with him after the game is over. Imagine the intrigue. Jose Mourinho is telling Ashley Young to go on so Man U can yet again ‘park the bus’ and hold onto a 1 –0 lead, and Lukaku is sauntering towards him without a care in the world, not knowing that Ashley Young is already on 4 yellow’s for the season, one yellow away from an automatic 2 match ban, and that Young is desperate to play in the game against Liverpool the following week, when suddenly Mr. Ref brings out a yellow because Lukaku took 1 minute longer than the 20 allocated seconds to vacate the pitch! Young would be livid, Lukaku would be ostracized and Mourinho would look like a complete idiot.

    Just a thought all you refs out these might consider. It would certainly quicken the substitutions and it would also entertain.

  • Do You Know The Laws 17 Nov 18

    Do You Know The Laws

    You all stand and shout on the terraces every weekend and during the week, no matter what the division or the competition you’re watching, but you know you all do it, singing away until your heart’s content, slamming a referee you hope you’ll never see again, and the applauding him when he does something to enhance your team’s chances of victory. We have heard it for years, in fact, decades. That song we all love to scream, “you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know what you’re doing”

    But the reality is, they DO know what they’re doing! It’s you, the fan who so often doesn’t. You sit there pretending you saw an incident that took place over a fraction of a second, determined your vision is better that then man in the middle, the man in charge, confident that the man in black is a complete tosser, a wanker, a turd, a knob and a gobshite, and then you sit, you turn on your phone, you look at a replay and you watch it again and then and only then do you realize, geez, that guy in black is a genius, total Einstein, and so are the two guys running the sidelines. In fact, it’s YOU who is the knob, the tosser and any other expletive you’d like to expunge from your now, quiet mouth. You screwed up, not them, not the ref, but when this realization sinks in, even with your video evidence, do you then stand up and sing, “WE don’t know what we’re doing?” Not a chance. The fan is seemingly always right, even when he’s wrong.

    Judge the Ref will educate you on the laws of football. Not just one law, ALL the laws. Judge the Ref will assist you in your complete understanding on how hard it is to become a professional referee, how difficult it is to referee a full match and concentrate without error for over 90 minutes. Judge the Ref will let you, the fans, air your views with the freedom of knowing they, the referee’s you lambast every week, will read what you post and will have the opportunity to respond, if they wish. Perhaps this will be under an internet handle and not their real names, but rest assured, they will reply, and reply they should. It’s about time we brought refereeing into the 21 st century. It’s not important that VAR is coming, it’s only important that you the fans realize how difficult it is doing a job where half the stadium love you and the other half hate you, until the roles are reversed and the refs make a decision that upsets the happy half. Referee’s cannot win, but they do need to be judged. They get paid the big bucks week in week out. We, the fans pay good money to watch and therefore we have a right to expect as near perfection as is humanly possible, bearing in mind that perfection is impossible!

    The laws are simple. Join us here at Judge the Ref and join the debate, and it’s a debate that will never end. Life is short, life is football, life is seen from many differing points of view, so what’s yours?

  • Super League, Super Ref’s 05 Oct 18

    Super League, Super Ref’s

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Sure, it might only be the size of a small campfire to roast a marshmallow or two. But it might also be a gigantic blaze. A towering inferno so humongous that it’s poised to spread across the entire globe. Possibly, purposely set, to ignite the football world on fire. Accidental? Arson? A little of both? Maybe.

    The Super League is coming whether you like it or not. I for one, like it. Football purists will say this is absolutely the worst idea in the history of the game. I get it, change is difficult. Any structural adjustments to a business model that has stood the test of time, since what seems like the beginning of time, is tough. If it’s not broken, why try and fix it? It’s more than that, though. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android fan, they are continually being reworked. What if Steve Jobs had stopped after the first generation iPhone? “Alright, that’s it, we’re done. No improvements needed.” What if video games stopped evolving after Pong was released in the late 70’s? Sport is always changing too. The juggernaut of American Football has been expanding their reach for more than a decade now with games every season in the UK and in Mexico City. Expansion and improvement comes with the territory. And no sport is immune. Why should it be?

    It’s almost 2019, and football has changed, the players have changed, some for the better and some not…for the better. Things need to evolve. We need to think outside this perfect little box the game of football has been contained in for so long. For the naysayers, you need to see the big picture. Not just ‘your’ picture. It’s not about you. I’m talking about the picture football is painting for our children, our grandchildren, their grandchildren…you get the point.

    Rumors are that a sixteen team lineup would kick things off in 2021. Eleven ‘founding’ clubs would apparently get ownership stakes and some sort of ‘risk-free’ membership for twenty years. Whatever that translates in to. Five more clubs would then be invited to join in the action too, which would, inevitably, completely dismantle and collapse the Champions League all together. Personally, I’d like to see the expansion continue even more over the next fifty plus years. Ideally, across the entire planet. Make no mistake, it’s all about the almighty dollar, it always is. The Champions League already shares in over 2 billion dollars among its thirty two clubs. Two…billion…bucks…did you know that? Remember, this isn’t the first time this has been rumored. Internal documents from Bayern back in 2016 hinted at some sort of exodus plan as well.

    This has been in the works for a long long time, it’s not some fly by the seat of your pants proposal that is suddenly being embraced. Change is good, when it’s for the better. This IS happening, probably sooner rather than later because, don’t forget, where there’s smoke, there’s always fire…always.

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